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What is JUCE?

JUCE is one of the first geographically distributed data storage services, and our best-selling product. JUCE can guarantee not only the perfect durability and availability but also the fastest data access speed. We took the idea of a classic Object Storage as a basis, added to it a huge global network of servers, GeoDNS and some magic, to create a truly unique product.

Check out the JUCE overview and join the data storage and delivery revolution.

Juce main features


Standard JUCE settings allow you to store your data on 3 different servers. Be 99.9999999% sure that your data is safe.


You can increase or decrease your storage at any time. When choosing JUCE, you pay only for the data amount that you actually use.

S3 compa-

You can use your favorite S3 tools, utilities, plugins, and extensions with JUCE. All that S3 has + a little bit more.


We worked hard to develop a technologically advanced product that is easy to use. You don't need specific technical skills to understand how to work with our API.


Being the fastest is our main advantage. Your data will always be near your users, because you can choose where to store it.


We appreciate our clients and are always ready to help. We want to create a strong bond between clients and JUCE, that's why we launched a Personal Assistant service.


JUCE combines excellent quality and affordable price. You can save extra money by reducing the number of copies of your data.


You decide which data is public and which is private. JUCE automatically encrypts and protects all your data transfers.

Choose your plan

for developers

2.5 TB of storage *
+ €0.06 per additional GB stored

10 TB of outbound transfer
+ €0.03 per additional GB transferred

Support included

Unlimited uploads

* in 3 copies worldwide 7.5 TB total

for medium customers

20 TB of storage *
+ €45 per additional TB stored

80 TB of outbound transfer
+ €22.5 per additional TB transferred

Assistant included

Unlimited uploads

* in 3 copies worldwide 60 TB total

for big companies

20 TB of storage *
+ €90 for additional TB storage

Unlimited transfer
with guaranteed high speed

Assistant included

Unlimited uploads

* in 3 copies worldwide 60 TB total

Price comparison


Total storage


Total transfer



2.5 TB of storage
10 TB of transfer


20 TB of storage
80 TB of transfer


20 TB of storage
Unlimited transfer

We do our best to ensure that JUCE is not only excellent quality but also a good price. We examined our competitor’s and their cloud object storage pricing in detail and concluded that we can offer a fair price even though geographically distributed storage is much more complicated than simple cloud object storage.

So far, we can compete with world leaders and this is cool. We don’t build giant headquarters in Silicon Valley, don’t invite superstars to our corporate parties, and we don’t spend billions on advertising campaigns. Instead, we just make a good product at an affordable price, and we are happy that we can provide such a service to our clients.

Juce main advantages

Location of your servers

Fast file access is possible only if the file’s store is around your users. Some of JUCE’s competitors have a built-in CDN which makes an automatic caching in the most used region for the downloading. Still, CDN can't guarantee the instant file saving in one place. CDN can't, but JUCE can!

You can choose where to save your data. It guarantees fast file access at anytime. Standard settings of JUCE's distributed object storage allows 3 copies of your data to be kept. You can choose 2 servers in the USA and 1 in Europe, if most of your users are located there.

Save your money

Sometimes you need to store data, which doesn't require fast access. It could be old archives and backups that you keep "just in case". You still need some data storage solution. You don't need to keep 3 copies of this data in different parts of the world. JUCE can offer a 33% lower price than our competitor’s for only 2 servers storage.

You can specify the number of copies when creating a new Storage Class and save your money. Also, remember that using 2 servers increases the chances of losing data. It happens rarely, but it's better to have an extra copy (back up) for the most important data.

Control your budget

You know for sure how much data you have, but still you can't guess how many times this data will be downloaded. JUCE and its competitors work according to a "pay as much as you use" principle. Therefore, sometimes it's essential to know in advance how much you pay for the storage and delivery of the information.

If you want to plan your budget, choose the unlimited outgoing traffic tariff, where you will pay only for the storage. Also, this new JUCE tariff fits perfectly for those who have lots of outgoing traffic with a small amount of data. Incoming traffic is always free. This feature makes JUCE a really affordable S3 compatible object storage.

Personal assistant

JUCE understands how hard it can be to use an unfamiliar service. Even if the new service is cheaper and more convenient. That's why some offers include the Personal Assistant function. You don't need to integrate a new service into your product by yourselves, JUCE will do it for you.

No more extra specialists, exclusive support on every branch of partnership, the realization of additional functions by request – this is what young and ambitious JUCE is all about. Each client is essential for us. It sets us apart from old and clumsy competitors.


personal support


additional fee


problems solved

Practical use cases

Shield Web assets delivery

Static web assets such as images, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You can even place the whole website. Your clients have fast and reliable access to your resources.

Price Media hosting

An incredible amount of photo, video, and audio files in one place. JUCE is a simple and affordable way to create a big media library.

Lock Backups and Archives

Automatic backups, data archives, and any other information which you don't want to lose. Don't forget, you can save money by reducing the number of stored copies.

Lock Software delivery

JUCE solves the problem of image storage, containers, and libraries that customers can download. JUCE is the best solver for developers' problems.


About us

Originally, JUCE was developed as a project for personal usage. We were planning to make a good alternative to the popular data storage and delivery services. With the efforts of several developers and an architect, our small project became much more than just an alternative. JUCE turned out to be so beautiful that we wanted to share our service with other people.

A year ago we didn't expect that geographically distributed storage could be so popular and sought-after. Our professionals developed technology that provides maximum reliability at affordable prices, client support and integration abilities that make JUCE unique. JUCE brings storage and data delivery to a whole new level.

Long story short, JUCE is a mix of advanced technology and thousands of hours of hard work to ensure that our customers always get the best product ever.