Automatic backups, data archives, and any other information which you don't want to lose. Don't forget, you can save money by reducing the number of stored copies.

Safety and security of data always are the main priorities when it comes to cloud services. We guarantee that your files will be stored and backed up on time with our carefully designed system. In the case of the damaged or missing file, JUCE will automatically load it from one of the many copies you store with us. No cloud can provide 100% safety, but with us, if any error occurs you won’t have to spend time trying to fix it, our algorithms will do it for you.

Hospitals, universities, and banks can also benefit from our services. Such organizations usually have no need to store their information in distributed storage, since their customers are located in one area (or at least in one geographical region). Although, they can increase their productivity with unlimited storage space, and higher security levels based on multilevel encryption and access settings. Encryption can be enabled during a bucket setting and applies to all the files you upload once it’s on. Automated encryption is not introduced yet for files that were already in the bucket before changes apply, but you can open a ticket to do so.

JUCE can be used as an automatic daily backup system. Your data can be stored for example for the last 30 days and can be easily restored if necessary. Even if your data size is relatively low, back-up requires additional space. Some cloud-agnostic companies store files in their own data centers, although it is very costly. Additionally having your data in one dedicated data center makes disaster recovery almost impossible, while building and maintaining it is expensive. With JUCE you can be sure that your files are secure and you are not overpaying, since we manage all the complicated processes for you.

Safety is an important criterion for the storage platform. We rely on the latest versions of TLS and only secure ciphers. File exchange (uploading and downloading) with JUCE and between our servers is automatically encrypted. If necessary it’s possible to enable data encryption in the bucket settings.

Another useful feature is the ability to easily manage file accessibility for users and admins with passwords and by marking data private or public. The level of access won’t affect the backup process in any way, all the changes will be saved automatically.

Storing video and audio data is essential for organizations that work in the safety area. Recordings from security cameras as well as call recordings take lots of space but have to be stored and accessed when needed. JUCE backup system would be also beneficial at this point since it will prolong the data availability even when it’s already deleted. This feature can help to solve and prevent crimes. The other solution would be to build a small server room inside the building, but it’s less effective and yet not protected from damage.

Another area where huge amounts of data are generated daily is scientific research. Many teams work internationally with laboratories and facilities across the world. As a Geo-distributed cloud, JUCE can guarantee fast delivery and upload speeds for massive archives and frequently renewed data from different institutions and independent scientists. We make sure that all your data transfers are fast and secure.