An incredible amount of photo, video, and audio files in one place. JUCE is a simple and affordable way to create a big media library.

Storing quality photos, audio, and video content usually requires lots of space. With JUCE your files will be stored securely and easily accessed at all times. Big storage capacities allow us to create and maintain huge media libraries for both companies and individual clients.

Once your regular hosting provider cannot meet your space needs anymore - JUCE can be your perfect solution. Our support specialists will help you to conduct a migration process and always make sure that your switching is fast and easy. Due to high scalability, our geographically distributed cloud is a great fit for start-ups, developing, and rapidly growing companies. JUCE has no storage and outbound/inbound transfer limits, it regularly introduces new features and regions.

For those clients who are not ready to fully migrate from the current hosting provider, but require additional storage space, we have an integration option. You can use the full functionality of geo-distributed cloud storage right from the first day of subscription. Media hosting with us is simple and effective and provides you with increased speeds and can save you a fortune.

Geo-distributed storage is beneficial for agencies and companies that employ remote workers from different countries. For example, if an American promoting agency runs international campaigns with video materials recorded in Paris and London and edited in India. This way only one session of shooting will require multiple times transferring heavy 10-50GB of video files between Europe and Asia and later on sending them across the ocean back to the USA. A little speed improvement can be reached using a combination of CDN and a regular cloud provider. Although, unlike the geo-distributed cloud, none of the traditional clouds can guarantee a high transfer speed between different regions.

We know how important it is for our customers to use their regular instruments and methods to manage and exchange files. That’s why JUCE supports both FTP/FTPS and S3 protocols. Our team is proud to have a multipurpose and user-friendly service. We always find creative ways to deal with new challenges and demands of the market to make sure our customers can benefit from the newest technologies.

Having a high-delivery speed and being easily scaled JUCE is the best option for hosting high-resolution 4-8k videos, Augmented, and Virtual reality projects. Our cloud will enable better user experience for recipients worldwide by storing your files simultaneously in 3-4 regions. These benefits can allow you to explore new audiences and grow your business to a bigger scale.