JUCE solves the problem of image storage, containers, and libraries that customers can download. JUCE is the best solver for developers' problems.

Software delivery is one of the most important stages in the IT-company cycle. We conducted various tests with world-leading companies’ websites and compared the download speed they currently have for image storage, containers, and libraries, with the one they would have with us. Downloading the installation files processes was 30-70% faster with JUCE with up to a maximum of 90% speed growth. This advantage can be life-changing for outsourced software developing companies, that need to make sure that all their projects are stored securely and delivered to partners on time.

There is no doubt that companies who work in the B2B sector have to ensure their fast software delivery speed to all their clients, regardless of their location. To do so JUCE will deliver files from the closest to the customer region, reducing the traffic load and significantly raising the speed.

The world of technologies rapidly changes, so does software. One of the keys to Software success is publishing updates and introducing new features. With JUCE distributing new versions of your programs is made easy and runs in seconds. Our cloud will take care of optimizing your speed rates, and save you from losing clients who were previously not satisfied with it.

We are proud to work with mobile and video game developers. JUCE is a place where all the members of the IT team can easily store and manage media and other data essential for your project. Our service was designed to help to deliver and stream data in real-time. It works best for online games with multiple players and various scenarios. Talking about mobile games, while main containers are stored on Google Play or Apple Store, there is always a need for additional space. Once the application becomes very popular and requires transferring lots of data from multiple users, it will raise the expenses. In this case, there is an option to connect with JUCE servers to get the additional storage space and benefit from our free unlimited transfer in the biggest package.