JUCE provides the fastest data download speed for your customers.

If you have already used the classic object storage, you probably know that your clients can receive files quickly if they are close to the cloud storage data center, and slowly if they are far away from it.

With JUCE, everything is different. Here your customers get files much faster. This is possible because the end-user always downloads data from the closest data center to him. Users receive fast results from the nearest data center, even if users have never been there before.

JUCE is a complex programming environment designed to store and deliver data in a secure and reliable way. Our simple interface allows you to manage your projects easily, without worrying about the technical part.

Just imagine, you store data in the data centers in the USA and Central Europe. You never had clients from Asia, so you never stored another copy of your data on our server in Singapore, and a client from Thailand comes to your website and wants to download a large file.

If you used the classic object storage, then this large file would begin a long journey through many data exchange points, and the speed of receiving the file would be slow.

If you store and deliver your data with JUCE, then the request of your new client from Thailand will go through our data center in Singapore. Of course, because you never used our Singapore server before, the necessary file will not be there, so it will quickly be copied through our internal network, to which all our data centers are directly connected, without unnecessary data exchange points. In a moment, your client will already be downloading his large file from the JUCE repository in Singapore.

We are using a private network to speed up data transfer between data centers. We do not charge extra for the fact that your data will be downloaded, for example, from storage in Singapore, even if you initially chose to store in the USA and Central Europe only.

On the one hand, since JUCE stores several copies of your data in different parts of the world, the possibility that your client will be close to our data center is much higher than the probability that he will be close to the server of the classic object storage.

Also, if your client is not located close to a cluster of servers with the necessary data, then he will surely be next to one of the data centers in JUCE, where the necessary data will instantly appear.

JUCE provides the fastest data uploading speed for you.

If we talk about uploading data, then everything works the same way. You always upload your files to the closest data center to you. This allows you to transfer your data as quickly as possible and reduce the likelihood that something will go wrong with the data transfer. As soon as your data appears to the nearest storage of JUCE, on our private network, it will go to the regions in which it will be stored.