Static web assets such as images, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You can even place the whole website. Your clients have fast and reliable access to your resources.

JUCE is suitable for hosting and delivering web pages with both static contents. You can store multiple websites in 3-4 regions simultaneously without overpaying. Currently, we are operating in such areas as the USA East Coast, the USA West coast, Europe (Germany), and Asia (Singapore). Having data in many copies worldwide allows businesses to ensure that all the customers will have guaranteed high download and upload speeds regardless of their location.

We don’t limit the number of domains linked to your account. Even with the smallest package, you can save files for as many sites as you please. While JUCE perfectly works with both low-volume and heavy websites. Locating data physically closer to users allows ensuring fast distribution across many locations and great download speed even for massive blocks of data.

High-Speed Data Transmission is always a priority for such types of pages as news portals, live video-streaming sources, pages that deliver VR and AR content, gaming platforms, frequently renewed online-stores, and real-estate market places. At many times using CDN doesn’t entirely solve the problem of high video-latency and low download speed for visuals and audio materials. Our service has been carefully designed and tested so that you never have to worry about delivering your static content and products effectively.

What if I have multiple domains and want to limit access to developer’s files and other private data? With JUCE, each of your domains is an independent bucket. You can create separate keys and control access on all levels for your files. Additionally, the Advanced Encryption Standard option can be enabled in bucket settings or per object during upload using S3-compatible API. While creating a new bucket you can easily manage access keys, website hosting, cross-origin resource sharing, automated encryption, and preferred regions.

JUCE is flexible and changes according to our customers’ needs. We support FTP and FTPS, so our clients can continue managing your data through FileZilla, WinSCP, or any other file managing software they prefer. Additionally, we are fully S3 compatible, and designed to work with S3 Browser, CloudBerry, CyberDuck, DragonDisk, and Arq. We also made it easy in JUCE for developers who prefer accessing their storage space using a command-line interface or API.

We understand that in times of fast-developing technology some companies have unique needs and requirements for web assets delivery. For inquiries and consultation regarding our services, please contact online support.