Why you should choose JUCE?

JUCE is a geographically distributed data storage that offers high-quality services at a reasonable price. Distributed storage, aka object storage 2.0, is a complex of the modern system in which speed and reliability are built at the architectural level by default.

The architecture of the first generation object storage was developed many years ago and at the moment doesn’t fit modern requirements at all. Classic object stores no longer fully satisfy the needs of their customers and are rapidly losing their popularity.

If you need a reliable data store that is capable of delivering large amounts of information quickly - JUCE is ideal for you.

Originally, JUCE was designed to work with large files. Therefore, software distribution, video, and audio content, and graphic materials are our specialization areas.

Geographically distributed storage is also the best solution for the quick delivery of statistical web components. We are professionals in working with “hot” data, notice, JUCE is also perfect for storing various backups and archives.

Why is JUCE faster than classic object storage?

There are three key points in the model of any object storage:

If you want the whole system to work really fast, it’s mandatory to locate all three points in the same place.

Possible scenario:

The system works quickly and reliably only on the condition that all three points are in the same location. Some companies are looking for object storage, which is physically located near their customers.

Is it possible to pick a place on the map, which will be next to all customers? Of course not. There are usually many customers, and they are located in different countries or even on different continents.

If you have many clients, the classical object storage cannot work quickly, because its architecture does not initially imply quick access from different places on our planet. When the engineers developed the first object storage, the volumes and speed of the transmitted data were completely different.

The architecture of JUCE, like any other geographically distributed storage, implies the ability to store data simultaneously in different parts of the world. This is not one, but three, five, seven dots on the map. Thus, you and your customers will always connect to the nearest data center in your region, due to this the access speed will be significantly higher.

Many storages offer CDN as an alternative way, but this solution loses much to the geographically distributed storage, which we discuss in more detail here.

Besides, JUCE is guaranteed high speed uploading and downloading of data. This is possible because the end-user always downloads data from the nearest JUCE data center. Here you can read in detail how this works.

Why is JUCE the unprecedented durability and availability of your data?

When classic object stores mention the reliable storage of your data, they often say that your data is stored on different hard drives, sometimes on different racks or even different floors of the data center. This should save your data, for example, from a local fire.

They promise excellent durability and not so excellent, but still good accessibility of your data. At the same time, major accidents happen regularly, natural disasters ruin data centers, entire cities are left without electricity for many hours, and your customers cannot get access to the necessary files.

We suggest storing your data not on different floors or buildings, but in different countries or even on different continents. You couldn’t come up with a safer way, except to send one copy of your data into space.